Kriyas are cleansing actions taken to purify the mind and body of those patterns of thought, emotion and experience that remain held within our bodies, which condition and limit us. Kriya uses visualisation, pranayama, mantra and meditation to unblock the energy meridians of the body, detoxifying the pathways of our consciousness, opening us to deep meditation and joyous living, divine inspiration and endless possibilities.

Hum-Sa Kriya – This technique directs consciousness to the spinal column, the central cord of intelligence and awareness, and the central channel of energy in the body. The result of this focus is the creation of an alpha rhythm in the brain, a state of relaxed alertness and accelerated learning – the mind is peaceful but aware and perceptive of its surroundings. It is known to be incredibly healing and revitalizing to the mind and body.

1. Begin with at least six rounds of Nadi Shodhana pranayama. (Alternate Nostril breathing) for etheric purification.

2. Set a clock or timer to 18 minutes and, if you can, keep your eyes closed, but press the start button on your timer.  Bring your focus back to the breath. Whenever you breathe in, silently visualise and hear the sound “Hum” going up the spine from the base of your tail bone to the space between your eyebrows. Whenever you breathe out, use the sound “Sa” down the spine and try to feel the energy move from the mid-brain down to the base of the spine.

Even deep full body breathing. Do not force the breath.

On your inhalation, visualise a white ball of light lifting up your spine and into the middle of your brain, and on your exhalation, visualise the ball of light slowly floating down your spine back to the base.

3. Repeat this movement. On the inhalation “Hum” up the spine and on the exhalation “Sa” down to the base.

This focus and repetition brings you deeper and deeper into the center of consciousness, revealing your true nature.

You’ll notice that in time, your breath slowly becomes smoother. Eventually pauses will appear, moments in between breaths where there’s just a space and no need to breathe. This is the point at which a sense of just floating in pure bliss occurs.

4. Stay in this place until the timer sounds. When that happens, gently silence the alarm, and come back to sitting. Let yourself take about six or so full deep breaths. Gently open your eyes. Smile. You’ve taken one more step on the journey to Self.

By Alan Finger
(originally published in Complete Yoga)