Children’s Yoga


 “Children’s Yoga is a 45 minute class that introduces the world of yoga postures to your children by way of a fun, interactive yoga class”

How does yoga benefit children?

*Enhances fine and gross motor skills * Increases body awareness
* Improves muscle tone
* Encourages a healthy and active lifestyle
* Enhances flexibility and strength in the body as well as in the mind
* Allows children to express their feelings and “off-load” their worries in a safe space
* Lifts anxiety and depression and aids in reducing stress
* Enhances concentration and attention span by teaching the child how to use his/ her energy effectively.
* Teaches children how to use their breath to balance and calm themselves. Especially good for Asthmatics.
* Allows children who feel pressurized to “achieve”, to have fun whilst learning valuable life skills in a non-competitive environment.

Yoga classes for children are available at ISHTA on a Tuesday afternoon with Hanni Daymond – please see contact details below.


Having fallen in love with children’s yoga during a visit to India where she met a very young yogi, “Sunaina”, Hanni was inspired to teach children’s yoga and studied with YogaBeez. Hanni says, “Over the years I have been blessed with the most amazing teachers who till today form a very integral part of my yoga journey.”
“Yoga allows me to more present in my life and I am passionate about children and working with them as well as offering yoga as a therapy to special needs children who I am able to connect well with.”
Hanni says children are natural yogis – whole, innocent and playful. She believes that yoga is a gift to children and encourages them to hold onto their childlike mind with wisdom and beauty.

Contact: 082 373 2342 |

Yoga styles on offer at ISHTA: