Children’s Yoga

Children's Yoga

 “Children’s Yoga is a 45 minute class that introduces the world of yoga postures to your children by way of a fun, interactive yoga class”

Children's Yoga

How does yoga benefit children?

*Enhances fine and gross motor skills * Increases body awareness
* Improves muscle tone
* Encourages a healthy and active lifestyle
* Enhances flexibility and strength in the body as well as in the mind
* Allows children to express their feelings and “off-load” their worries in a safe space
* Lifts anxiety and depression and aids in reducing stress
* Enhances concentration and attention span by teaching the child how to use his/ her energy effectively.
* Teaches children how to use their breath to balance and calm themselves. Especially good for Asthmatics.
* Allows children who feel pressurized to “achieve”, to have fun whilst learning valuable life skills in a non-competitive environment.

Little Bear (3-7 years) and Big Bear (8-12 years) yoga classes for children are available at ISHTA on a Wednesday afternoon as taught by Leanne Glanville. See the class timetable for more information.


“Nathan is loving his yoga sessions with Leanne, since he has started he has improved posture and spontaneously uses the breathing techniques that he has been taught  – this has helped him with dealing with stressful situations.  Leanne has taken the time to help Nathan identify when he feels anxious about something and by talking through the event while using breathing techniques he has experienced reduced anxiety and melt-downs.

Leanne is patient and caring and very quickly became one of Nathan’s favorite people to spend time with and I have seen him try and teach his younger brother some of his “moves”.  Thanks so much Leanne for having such a positive impact in Nathan’s life and as a result – in the whole family’s life!”

Nikki Wilson


Leanne has a UNISA Honours degree in Psychology. She is a certified children’s yoga instructor and has completed her 500 hour International Yoga Teacher’s Training at the ISHTA School of Yoga & Health. However, she believes it is the lessons learned from the  “University of Life” and the grace of the Divine Light within that has led her to walk the path of yoga with the most precious beings on earth… children.

“It is my intention to spread the light of yoga to all beings…especially to our children. I strive to create a safe space for children to grow, play and simply BE. I feel truly blessed to share the knowledge of yoga with these little people whom more often than not, are my greatest teachers”

Yoga styles on offer at ISHTA:

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